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Stunning scenery in Red RocksSouth Africa to seek Chinese investmentBeijing   Sunny    35 / 22 ℃  City ForecastHomeForeign AffairsWhat make China accomplish a ‘glorious decade’(Peoples Daily Online)15:43, July 04, 2012Edited and Translated by Mimie Ouyang, Peoples Daily OnlineThe past 10 years has been the result of the relentless and comprehensive development of what is called the “Glorious Decade” in China. China had effectively deal with the public health crisis known as SARS, swiftly responded to the tragic Wenchuan earthquake, completed amongst some of the world’s largest reconstruction tasks, successfully hosted the 2008 Beijing Olympic and Paralympics’ Games, Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games. It has successfully dealt with the international financial crisis, and accomplished the main tasks of the “10th Five-Year Plan” and the “11th Five-Year Plan”. In 10 years, China’s status on the world stage has undergone historic changes: An annual average 11.5 percent of high economic growth, with an economic aggregate ranked first at 6th quickly jumping to 2nd highest in the world; an annual average of 18.8 percent of growth in export and import of trade jumping from 5th to 2nd highest in the world; an annual average of 23.5 percent in the growth of R&D expenditures, with total R&D spending also jumping from 5th to 2nd highest in the world.Never before has China received so much attention from the world, and the world, until now has never been more in need of China. So what is the cause behind China’s brilliance and shining success?From the perspective of the characteristics and conditions of the political development, the political superiority from the Socialist system in China means a strong Central Politburo Standing Committee, which is the key condition for the correct decision making and successful development. The Standing Committee is comprised of nine members, representing eight leading institutions, such as the Party, State and Army, forming a “collective presidential systems” with Chinese characteristics. The most important feature of this type of system can be summed up with one word: “collective”. Everything is referred to as “collective members” rather than the “individual member”, representing a “collective body” rather than an “individual body”, the “collective wisdom” as opposed to “personal wisdom” and finally the “collective decision-making” instead of the “personal decision”. This is reflected in the five parallel running mechanisms; collective shift succession, collective division of labor, collective learning, collective research and collective decision-making.The “collective presidential system” is far superior to a “personal presidential system” in terms of the interaction between the information sharing structure that enables fully information sharing and the decision-making structure that is fully democratic, therefore it is more democratic, more coordinative and more efficient. This explains why China not only maintained the best macroeconomic indicators, but also rapidly narrowed the GDP gap with the US in the financial crisis. In addition, China played the most significant and active role in the global response since the credit crunch. In terms of development theories and strategies, the CPC Central Committee innovated the “people-orientated” scientific concept of development, which is the latest theoretical achievement of the Party with regards to the laws of construction of socialism, social development and the understanding of the Party’s governance. It has become the ideological “soul” for the ‘Giant in the East’ to further advance. Over the last 10 years, China has accelerated its development in the scientific development field, and excelled in its impact and transformation over economic developments. All this in turn allows for a comprehensive, well coordinated and sustainable development in the form of the world’s first green development China “12th Five-Year Plan” . Finally, from the perspective of creative power, there are 1.3 billion people each creating the miracles of true heroes, whom all share the same core values for development. China is home to some of the world’s most diligent and also most intelligent people, packed with robustness and with unlimited potential to give. With 1.3 billion people all learning together, innovating together; we shall build common prosperity and we can achieve a great rejuvenation for the Chinese nation. These are the fundamental reasons for China’s continued success.Read the Chinese version: 辉煌十年,中国成功之道在哪里, source: Peoples Daily Overseas Edition , author: Hu AngangEmail|Print|Comments(Editor:姚春、叶欣)Increases the bookmarktwitterfacebookSina MicroblogdiggGoogleDeliciousbuzzfriendfeedLinkedindiigoredditstumbleuponQzoneQQ MicroblogRelated ReadingVery fast forwardChina pledges $43 billion to IMFG20: Chinas efforts recognized by international communityChina gets praises, expectations in WTO trade policy reviewSepia-tinged notes from the visit of 73Spillover effect of Chinas rise should be regarded rationallyWorld Bank lowers China GDP forecastThe Hunger Games to be released in ChinaNations urged to go China way to excel at OlympicsChina cant beat Beijing Olympics gold haul in London, says officialLeave your comment0 commentsNameWeekly reviewLoose monetary policy likely to spread globally
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