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Police crack ring of personal information thieves
Baby born in taxi
Beggars beat woman
HIV patient to sue hospital over cancer op refusalChina probes liquor containing excessive plasticizer
Test in intelligent vehicle for food detection conducted in LanzhouU.S. consumers plan to spend more this holiday season
Smart card, dumb refund rules
Israel, Gazas Palestinians reach cease-fire agreementBeijing   Light to moderate rain/Light rain    13 / 8 ℃  City ForecastEnglishChina SocietyBeggar hires fake mom(Global Times)08:30, November 05, 2012A young man, who hired a fake mother to go begging with him, has been transferred toChaoyang police for further investigation, reported the Beijing Youth Daily Sunday.City management officers from Jiuxian Bridge squad, Chaoyang district, found a man begging on Fangyuan Xilu and crying about his tragic life. He claimed his father was missing, and his mother had liver cancer.However, the man abandoned his "mother" and ran when the officers approached them. The "mother" stopped him and asked for 30 yuan ($4.8) "service fee" the man had promised her when hiring her in the morning. Most viewed commentariesRecommendedNewsPeople have fun at Angry Birds theme parkSexy girls in Chinas national pole dancing teamWillys Jeep seen in Tianjin, still worksChinas new-type rescue ship to be put into service50,000 gay people attended same sex paradeTop 10 Chinese universities Email|Print|Comments(Editor:黄蓓蓓、马茜)Increases the bookmarktwitterfacebookSina MicroblogdiggGoogleDeliciousbuzzfriendfeedLinkedindiigoredditstumbleuponQzoneQQ MicroblogRelated ReadingShanghai exposes professional beggarsShanghai beggars list draws criticismRich beggars refuse govt aidGenerous beggar helps others with his earningsPolice in south China use DNA tests to help juvenile beggars, rovers get homeCrackdown saves more kid beggarsSri Lanka to rehabilitate beggarsChinese beggar follows Brother Sharp on path to fameChinas most amazing beggar sells own diary on streetsHot NewsChina hopes Obamas Myanmar visit conducive to stability
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Eat black colored foods during Xiaoxue (Light Snow)Leave your comment0 commentsName  Selections for youChinas stealth fighter concept modelPLA Macao Garrison finishes 13th rotation
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China remains an engine in global economy
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CNN Beijing chief: Chinas challenges, opportunitiesWhat’s happening in ChinaLandmark building should respect the publics feelingFirst inter-blood-type liver transplant in China
HIV patient to sue hospital over cancer op refusalTest in intelligent vehicle for food detection
Smart card, dumb refund rules
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