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Mongolia to send 850 peacekeepers to South Sudan
Typhoon kills 6 in Japan, nuke plant not affected
300,000 children aged under 5 die each year
Intl M&A rulings set to exceed 200 this year
IMF cuts China 2011-12 growth estimates
China says trade ties with Latin America boosts economic growth
China summons acting U.S. military attache over arms sales to Taiwan
China says U.S. arms sale to Taiwan creates "severe obstacles" for military-to-military exchanges
Libya mission could end at any time: NATO chiefBeijing   Sunny    27 / 11   City ForecastHomePhotoChinaDry lake woes for migrant bird(China Daily)13:47, September 22, 2011Fishing nets are left on the dry lake bed of Poyang Lake, in Nanchang, East Chinas Jiangxi province, Sept 21, 2011. Poyang Lake - Chinas largest freshwater lake - is experiencing severe drought conditions. The lack of water is killing fish and inhibiting the growth of several kinds of grass that act as food for the migrant birds that will arrive at the lake in one month. [Photo/CFP]【1】 【2】 【3】 【4】Email|Print|Comments(Editor:燕勐)Increases the bookmarktwitterfacebookSina MicroblogdiggGoogleDeliciousbuzzfriendfeedLinkedindiigoredditstumbleuponQzoneQQ MicroblogRelated ReadingWater level of Poyang Lake rises due to recent rainfallBeautiful scene on shores of Lake Namtso, Chinas TibetDrought prompts migratory birds to leave earlyHope dries up with evaporating lakeCentral Chinas "kingdom of lakes" left out to dryRumbling volcano blamed for fishkill in Taal LakeChina begins construction of Hongze Lake segment of South-to-North Water Diversion ProjectGeneral view of newly revived Qingtu lake in Minqin, Chinas GansuBrave man dives into lakeChinas largest saltwater lake grows after 50 years of shrinking Pangong Lake: Paradise for migrant birdsLeave your comment0 commentsNameWeekly reviewChinas actions in Libya show diplomatic maturity
Massive manhunt on after prison break near Beijing
Opinion: China neednt thank Osama bin Laden
What invisible expenditures does US military have?Japan premier talks tough on Chinas military
Chinas J-10 on websites list of "Top Ten Fighter Plane"
India makes waves with South China Sea oil and gas exploration
Beijing Capital Airport quells UFO flight delay rumor  Selections for youF1 driver Jenson Button attends conference for Singapore Night RaceChina (Ningxia) Intl Investment and Trade Fair opensLargest Apple store in Chinese mainland to open7 killed, 24 injured in Tibet as India quake affects ChinaMost PopularObamas economic warfare against Republ…Beijing: Chinas aid to Europe is uncon…China sets launch date for historic spa…Preparation underway for launch of Tian…Strong yuan attracts increase in hot mo…China to fly first Airbus A380 next mon…Largest Apple store in Chinese mainland…Locke lambasts closed sectorsSichuan paramilitary soldiers conduct l…China condemns US arms sales to TaiwanWhats happening in ChinaSAMC signs deal with BoeingPolice nab murder suspects in central China
Maternal, infant death rates drop sharply in China
Chinas flood death toll reaches 90
India earthquake kills 7, injures 136 in Tibet
Citywide checks after polio outbreak in XinjiangPD Online DataChallenge to the traditional view of love and marriage
House means happiness? Young Chinese home-owning dreamFighting AIDS,China is acting
Worldwide Confusius Institutes
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